Socks for those who appreciates comfort. Keeping your feet cool while you?re camping, exercising or just doing your casual activities is a main feature of our socks. Add some color to your sock collection with our packs with 10 pairs of assorted colors, ranging from a solid one to a colored heel and toe. Choose a different color every day to always have a stylish look. Socks are designed to provide your feet with softness in each step. Made with 95% polyester, and 5% spandex. Polyester fibers are not only water-repelling but also making socks incredibly durable while spandex fiber added for stretchability to provide the best fit possible. All socks are Size 10-13 will fit Men?s US shoe sizes 8-12. The lightweight design of the socks together with its height give endless possibilities for wearing. Try them with your favorite pair of sneakers, boots or any other types of shoes for casual or athletic use

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