These sleek outlet plates are designed to safely light up your home without using outlet space and without costly electric bills. Simple and easy to install, just remove existing outlet plate and replace with this highly efficient, low energy night light. The LED bulbs will last for years, keeping you and your loved ones safe, while saving money from replacing the traditional night light bulbs.

4 Pack
2 in 1 – Outlet cover and night light
Super easy to install and fits most outlets
Make your house safer, keep your hallways and rooms lit up at all times
Never have a dark room again
Long lasting LEDs will last many years longer than your standard nightlight bulb
FREES UP OUTLETS – You can finally use all of the outlets in your house. Dont let
standard, bulky night lights dominate your hallways, bathrooms or childrens bedrooms anymore.
ENERGY EFFICIENT – The Guidelight cover plate costs less that 10 cents per year to power. With just the right amount of light, you can sleep easy now.
SAFE FOR CHILDREN – The Guidelight does not heat up like standard night lights, it does not have open bulbs or glass for kids to burn and cut themselves on.
No wiring ,no batteries ,no mess ,just snaps on! Installs in seconds.
Easy to install. A tool with a screwdriver could do it in about 30 seconds.
Sensors detect when its dark and lights turn on

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