If your showerhead has been hanging around for a while, its time for an upgrade. The WarmSpray High-Pressure Rainfall Showerhead can improve your mood, relieve tension, and massage away aches. Relax and rejuvenate during every shower so that you can feel refreshed each day!

More is Better:

High Pressure: High-pressure shower head with 9 coverage, high rain flow, and excellent performance. Choose a comfortable angle for yourself to enjoy the rainfall shower.
Self-Cleaning Nozzles: 80 Anti-Clogging TRP Jets Powerful Shower Head high pressure- Offer more waterfall rainfall shower and Prevent lime and hard water deposits, and easy to clean for the shower head high pressure.
Easy to Install: Showerhead can quickly connect to universal G1/2 connection standard shower arm without tools.
Premium Material: Built with Premium Quality ABS Engineering Plastics: Will not easily rust, and ensures shower heads lightweight, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting durability.
Limited Lifetime Warranty for all our WarmSpray adjustable shower heads, if you have any dissatisfaction about our shower heads, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

Installation: Remove the old shower head and twist WarmSpray fixed shower head clockwise until tightened
Shower Body Material: Luxury Top ABS
Weight: 335 g (11.8 ounces)
Connector: G 1/2 (fits most shower arms)
Thickness: 0.7 inch
Water Flow: 2.5 GPM
Package Includes:

1X1 Shower Head
1X1 Teflon Tape
Without Showerhead holder bracket and shower arm.

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